A Quick Guide on The Challenger Sale 

As part of our 8-week sales onboarding program, we provide our new hires with a comprehensive roadmap to guide the onboarding journey and to elevate sales skills to the next level. We do this by certifying all of our reps to become a Challenger seller! 

Here’s a quick guide on the Challenger sales model and what new sales talent can expect at RentPath: 

What is the Challenger sales model?

It’s a sales methodology that encourages reps to emulate certain high-performing salespeople — or ‘Challengers’ — when executing their sales processes. This includes: teaching prospects about their situation, tailoring communication to suit specific prospects, and taking control of the sale.

When should you implement the Challenger sale?

When the appropriate moment arises to help customers think differently about their business.

Where do you start?

As a Challenger, you offer a new perspective to your prospect and don’t shy away from conversations about money. You understand what brings them value and leverage that information to deliver an irresistible pitch — and encourage them to make an informed decision that gets them the results they need.. Remember the three T’s: Teach them something valuable, Tailor the sales pitch, and Take control over the conversation.

Why are we a Challenger-based company?

Christy Dukes, Regional Sales Director at RentPath, shares her insight: “We have (and are) successfully challenging the status quo and past assumptions. We’ve positioned ourselves as the solution for the present and future needs and concerns of the multifamily industry. We have the knowledge, data, and stats to know why the problem exists and how we can solve it.”

How do you implement the Challenger sale?

Rather than being apologetic about trying to sell to the customer, you own the conversation. As a Challenger, you have an in-depth understanding of your prospect’s business and push back at the right moment to drive the customer toward making a decision that would be beneficial for their success.


Want to learn more? Check out https://www.challengerinc.com

Cara Callahan
Talent Acquisition Specialist

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