Building Better Customer Experiences with Michelle Green

RentPath helps apartment communities get in front of nearly 15 million renters who are in search of a new home every month through its network. Amongst other services and digital solutions that are offered within the multifamily industry, ILS (internet listing service) sites continue to be a valuable database and marketing tool that houses information around available units, pricing, amenities, unique features and more.

With the understanding that 86% of renters search on ILS sites and that the average renter visits 4 different ILS sites as they narrow down their top picks, one might question — “Why would an apartment community list on a certain ILS site over another?”. 

I decided to dig deeper with none other than Michelle Green, Sr. Product Manager of Client Data. From day 1 at RentPath, Michelle made it her mission to rebuild the customer portal that empowers RentPath customers to put their best foot forward as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

“Not all of our clients have a property management system” Michelle shared, “RentPath provides the tools and platform to allow for quick and easy customization and updates. Customers enjoy having more control over their listings.”

What led you to work in the B2B Product space?

“I’ve worked in digital advertising for over 10 years and in a previous role built a customer portal for digital advertising. My current role at RentPath is my first “official” foray into product management, but I have always enjoyed trying to improve customer capabilities based on normal behaviors, not in terms of the UX, but in terms of business requirements.”

What are your goals for RentPath’s customer portal rebuild?

We focus on 3 main goals for this ongoing initiative:

  • “make it easier for customers to provide data and content that will be helpful for the renter,” in other words, “make it self-service”
  • “make it easy for customers to know how to optimize their listing for renter engagement, whether that’s through reporting or alerts” 
  • “ensure that we have valuable data and that it’s differentiated”

“What used to be Listing Editor is now Content Manager” which was launched earlier this year. It continues to evolve with features and enhancements made with the customer in mind. “If our three goals are achieved, we will effectively be growing our user base, usage frequency, and providing an efficient solution for our customers.” 

In collaboration with the engineering team, “we’ve improved the backend so that updates to listings go live much faster than before. We’ve improved the technology that powers the portal.”

At a recent company town hall meeting, Michelle presented a new feature build called “Move-in Deals” that communicates differentiated value with price consciousness and price sensitivity in mind due to the economy taking a hit amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can you share more about the latest B2B product innovations that just launched for Apartment Guide and

“While some properties are focused on price discounts and utilizing a data feed to update their content, we’ve incorporated move-in deals into dropdowns and categories within the portal” says Michelle, “this provides free deal exposure for all properties” giving their listings that competitive edge to get in front of more prospective renters who may be more price conscious now than ever.

Example of how Move-in Deals appear to potential renters (available on mobile and desktop)

“Deal types can vary from Cash Off, Weeks Free, Waived Fees, and Special Offers – choosing one displays a badge on the search results page (SRP) as well as the property details page (PDP), increasing traffic to these listings.”

And of course it doesn’t stop there, “with everything being live, now we can be iterative and move fast.” We’re excited to see more to come from Michelle and her team!

Written by Christine Nguyen

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