November 9, 2021

What in-market renters want properties to know

A renter shares insight on ways properties can improve their listings and onsite communication to attract more leads and drive action.
October 16, 2021

5 Ways to Capture More Renter Leads From Your Apartment Listings

Rachel Richardson October 15, 20213 minute read By optimizing your apartment listing for the virtual […]
October 15, 2021

How WestCorp Management Group Achieved 99% Occupancy with Search Ads PRO

WestCorp Management Group’s VP of Marketing, Serena Y., sat down with RentPath to share her […]
October 15, 2021

AIM 2021: How to Meet Renter Expectations in an Increasingly Omnichannel World

Colin Kiley October 15, 20213 minute read The renter’s path to finding a home has […]
October 3, 2021

Third-party cookies explained: How multifamily marketers can withstand advertising’s next era

Rachel Richardson October 4, 20215 minute read Google Chrome is phasing out the ability for […]
August 11, 2021

Introducing Express and PRO Solutions

We recently revised our digital marketing services to a new line of Express and PRO […]
August 6, 2021

RentPath LIVE at Apartmentalize 2021!

RentPath’s award-winning events team is working behind the scenes to present you with an unforgettable experience at Apartmentalize 2021!
March 25, 2021

Spring Has Sprung: How to Convert More Leads to Tenants this Leasing Season

Spring ushers in the sense of rejuvenation and reminds us that something new is just […]
March 24, 2021

The Importance of Search Engine Marketing: Turning Clicks to Leases

It seems that almost everything can be found or solved with a Google search in […]
March 24, 2021

A Year Into The Pandemic: Spring 2021 Market Forecast

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world in more ways than we could have ever imagined. […]