Day in the Life of a Sales Business Development Manager with Kynlon Sain

“In order to succeed in the space, I would recommend running your business like it is your own.“

Kynlon Sain, one of RentPath’s Sales Business Development Managers, has had a unique career trajectory and has really proven herself to be an invaluable asset to our teams and to the company. Meticulous by nature and with an infectious passion for the work that she does, it’s no wonder that she has progressed to where she is today.

Why did you choose to work at RentPath?

I was very interested in RentPath because they had a great reputation and they were an industry leader in the multi-family space. I love marketing and I thought it would be a perfect fit. 

What has your tenure looked like?

Over the past 8 years, I have worked in various sales roles across multiple markets during my time here. I worked in Atlanta for 3 years and then transferred to Austin, Texas as a Senior Account Executive. I then worked in Austin for 3 years and won President’s Club and top sales rep in the nation. I was then promoted to a Regional Account Manager and moved to Nashville, TN. I learned and improved my sales and account management skills significantly in that role. 

I was then approached by the Director of Digital Marketing Services (Jesus Machuca) who was putting a “Sales Business Development” team together to work as product specialists for RentPath’s digital marketing services. When he offered me a position on the team, I was ALL IN to move forward with the opportunity. I have now been in this role for over a year and it was the best decision I have ever made in my career. I absolutely love my current role because I am able to leverage my knowledge from previous roles and make a bigger impact for the company, our employees and our clients. 

What do your interactions with your peers look like?

My role within the RentPath organization is highly collaborative. Our team specializes in RentPath’s digital marketing services. I personally attend RentPath team calls from different districts, and work with National and Regional Account Managers each week. We discuss product updates, reminders, and run through different exercises to help reps open up conversations about the digital services. We also work as a liaison between our customers and our various operations teams to continuously enhance and evolve our current product offerings. 

Do you have a morning routine or any healthy habits that you find really help you get into the right mindset?

My day-to-day activities may look different, but having a morning routine really helps get me get into the right mindset. My routine consists of coffee while I scroll through my social media apps for about 15-20 minutes, get dressed and ready for the day, take the dogs on a walk and listen to my audible book. I then head to my office to check my emails and calendar. I respond to all missed emails and then review all of my calendar meetings to ensure I am prepared for all internal and external client meetings. This includes presentation decks, spreadsheets, performance reports, etc. 

Pre-COVID, my schedule looked much different. That included a lot of travel, so a lot of time was spent in airports and hotels. I would travel for client meetings, industry events, conferences and internal team meetings/training. 

What do you enjoy most about working at RentPath?

I love the people I work with. I have created life-long friendships with people all across the country over the last 8 years. The people are what makes a company great. I have always had amazing leaders that motivated me to be better every single day. I am very thankful to work with some of the best people in the business! 

I also really enjoy being a mentor and a resource. Being able to use my knowledge and experience to help others has been incredibly rewarding.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to travel the world and experience new and different cultures. Lately, traveling hasn’t really been an option so I do a lot of walking/hiking, play with my shih-tzus, and make frequent visits to Trader Joe’s.

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