Volunteer Spotlights: Giving Back during COVID-19

We are incredibly thankful to those in the frontlines around the globe for showing up and servicing our communities during these times.

While social distancing measures are still in place as we continue to work from home, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to providing value and innovating for the greater good. We’ve come together to deliver new solutions for our customers, work towards providing credible and helpful guidance to consumers, and have doubled down on our efforts to give back to the community.

Over the past months, RentPath Gives Back has provided financial support in the nationwide effort to combat COVID-19. Alongside continuing to maintain a focus on our neighbors impacted by homelessness, the foundation has also provided support to organizations helping our most vulnerable citizens as well as to those contributing to food insecurity relief.

We wanted to especially commend a few of our RentPathers for going above and beyond to find ways to give back in this time of uncertainty:

Michael Silberfarb and Tracy Lampton delivered lunch to the staff of the ICU at HonorHealth, John C. Lincoln Medical Center in Phoenix.

Tracy shared, “We chose this hospital as it is considered ‘ground zero’ here in AZ. They are a level 4 trauma hospital & have 44 ICU beds (fully occupied) and have been taking all of the serious COVID-19 patients. The doctors and nurses are exhausted there, not taking lunch and working 17+ hours a day. With the recent riots in Phoenix, these folks have had to make additional room for the incoming ER patients.” 

Thank you Tracy and Michael for your thoughtfulness and kindness in wanting to make sure the staff “took a break for a nice lunch”!

During the first few weeks of the coronavirus outbreak, a large number of blood drives were canceled due to businesses and schools shutting down resulting in an even higher demand for blood donations. 

Since volunteering in person with other coworkers wasn’t a viable option, Cindy Havel and her family made a trip to the Memorial Blood Center in Minneapolis to donate blood. “You can still make in-person visits to donate” Cindy shared, and there are many safety precautions in place so it’s a great way to contribute if you are eligible and healthy. 

Thank you for bringing awareness and donating to an ongoing cause Cindy and family! 

After learning about how hospital workers lack the accessibility to a convenient lunch with their cafeterias being closed, Stephanie and wife Lindsay Haigh got to cooking and donated their effort and time to preparing lunches for 4 hospitals as well as 2 local firehouses. The lunches made for the firehouses were funded by a friend who donated in honor of her daughter’s 25th birthday and funding for 400 of the lunches given to the hospitals came from another close friend of theirs.

Thank you Stephanie and Lindsay for preparing and delivering over 500 boxed lunches to those on the frontlines so they can focus on serving those in need!

And it doesn’t stop there. Chavi Singh and members of the Talent Acquisition team volunteered their spare time to reviewing resumes and helping those who have been let go by their companies in light of the pandemic. The efforts were facilitated by a group on Facebook.

We appreciate you and everyone who has taken time to give back!

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Written by Christine Nguyen

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