Volunteer Spotlight: Giving Back in Memory of a Loved One

“I really like that RentPath Gives Back does this, catering to those who may be struggling with homelessness and different aspects associated with it.”

Giving back continues to look different as we enter the final months of 2020. Keeping social distancing practices in mind, RentPath Gives Back has shared safe ways employees can volunteer in the efforts to relieve hunger and homelessness.

One of which is to host your own front porch food drive through partnering with Move for Hunger. They provide flyers and food collection bags to distribute around your neighborhood and can also help coordinate transportation for pick up. Neighbors fill up the bags with non-perishable food items and leave them outside in front of their homes to then be collected and donated to a local food bank or to those in need. 

A couple of our peers on the Sales team, Annette Keith and Sharon Hilton, decided to host a drive within each of their neighborhoods since they reside close to one another. Annette has been with RentPath for several years and currently works on the National team as a National Account Manager. Sharon, Regional Account Manager, shared that there was no hesitation on her part whatsoever when Annette reached out to her about hosting the drive together.

“I wanted to host this drive in honor of my daughter, Megan, who passed a year ago” Annette shared. “If she were still here, she would’ve done this drive with me. She would’ve loved it.”

Annette chose to have the donations go to His House Recovery Residence with the goal of helping make things easier for those who move into these transitional houses. “Many times residents move in and may have exhausted many of their resources. So providing food and certain staples provides one less thing to worry about so that more focus can be put on the recovery portion of the program.” 

She is also no stranger to doing good and giving back to the community. Annette has participated in clothing drives, hosted Christmas parties for a local domestic violence shelter among other volunteer activities.  

And Sharon, being well connected to her neighborhood community, contributed greatly to the success of the front porch food drive. She reached out to her community through its Facebook group and dropped off bags to those who had responded with their expressed interest in donating. Sharon shared:

“It was a huge success, some of my neighbors not only filled up the 2 bags I gave them, but also donated boxes filled with food items.” 

Annette’s husband and children, and Sharon’s 12-year old son were also very much involved in helping out. He “was very excited to be a part of this. Each day delivering bags, he asked that I wait for him to get home from school and was checking off addresses as we picked them all back up. He definitely took away a feeling of happiness, knowing that he was helping others!” said Sharon.

In closing, Annette shared why this drive meant a lot to her:

“The team at His House was extremely grateful for the help and it seemed to me that they hadn’t had that kind of support before. And knowing that this was done in honor of my daughter, who lost her fight with addiction, created an additional level of understanding for both sides.

We’re working on plans for not only continued support with additional food drives, but also planning to provide a Thanksgiving meal for residents that won’t be leaving for the holiday.”

We couldn’t be more inspired by these ladies and by other team members who continue to give back during these times. Keep up the great work!

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