IDG Engineering Conference Highlights

The Interactive Development Group (IDG) at RentPath recently wrapped up their first week-long conference which was held at our HQ in Atlanta. In lieu of an off-site team building event or the IDG hackathon that has taken place years prior, RentPath colleagues had the opportunity to learn from each other and present on various topics ranging from automation, test, and debugging to emerging trends to process.

Beyond the engineering-focused presentations, the team also spent an evening at the Braves game and competed in office olympics.

Check out some of the highlights below:

Complete talks can be found in this playlist!

Patrick Fitzgerald, who often goes by “Fitz”, showcased his love for baking with a demo on how to make scrumptious chocolate chip cookies while also speaking on how to debug with Charles Proxy for front-end API error checking:

Instead of multitasking all the way through the presentation, Patrick enlisted some help to prepare the chocolate chip cookie dough.

You don’t typically see the words “empathy” and “engineer” together but Eric Harrison, who works remotely, flew into Atlanta and spoke on the benefits of practicing more empathy.

Tactical ways to practice empathy as an engineer from The Empathetic Engineer

Check out this playlist to see more talks such A Unix Process Safari by Colin Rymer, and fun lightning talks covering Where does honey come from? by Pasha Lifshiz and How to play Cricket by Abdur Jubair.

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