Introducing Express and PRO Solutions

RentPath's Express and PRO solutions
  • We recently revised our digital marketing services to a new line of Express and PRO solutions
  • The change was designed for simplicity, better customization, and to meet the unique leasing challenges of any property 
  • Some products were also renamed to better clarify what they do and the value they offer

At RentPath, we’re always looking to improve the services we offer and the value they bring to our clients. From listening to customers, it was clear that the leasing challenges they faced are diverse and unique to each property and management company. From location to competitors, budget and resources, no two properties are exactly alike, so no solution should be one-size-fits-all.

We began reimagining our solutions and how they can truly meet the needs of the diverse properties we serve in ever-shifting rental and digital marketing landscapes. That’s how we developed our new line of Express and PRO digital marketing products.

This new model was designed to better clarify what our services truly deliver, while allowing for more customization, and better value–all to allow flexibility in providing a truly tailor-made solution to marketing challenges.

Our marketing solutions received a full refresh, from product names to brand new features and offerings. To better guide you through these changes, we’ve developed this helpful walkthrough below.

What are Express and PRO products?

We’ve redesigned and streamlined our suite of solutions to better fit customer needs and budgetary considerations. From search to social ads, reputation management and even leasing support, you can find the perfect-fit solution to your leasing challenges here.

RentPath Express & PRO Solutions

Express products provide you with easy, effective and affordable solutions for your community’s marketing needs. Our proprietary technology & data enables turn-key execution that takes the time and effort out of marketing your community, without sacrificing results or upfront costs.

PRO services offer customized solutions delivered by an experienced multifamily marketing team. If the simple, self-service approach of our Express products isn’t right for your community, our PRO line offers white-glove service and agency-level expertise.

Discover the full line of Express and PRO products here.

What has changed?

Refreshed product names that better convey the solutions they offer

We refreshed our product brands so it’s more clear what they offer. View the list below for all the updates.

Express/PRO Product Name Changes

Added value with brand new features and products

  • Reputation Express–our powerful reputation dashboard service–now includes Review Amplifier (generate new reviews from real residents), daily review alerts and review response templates to help you better cultivate and maintain your online reputation.
  • Reputation PRO now allows you to choose from our full-service features: Review Management, where our team responds to all your reviews; Social Management, where our team curates content and posts to social media; and Listing Management, where we ensure your information is kept accurate and up to date on sites across the web.
  • Contact Center Express is brand new and offers intelligent web chat for your property website so you never miss out on a renter lead again. This chat service answers prospect questions, qualifies your leads, and delivers guest cards to your PMC 24/7 without a single click!

Product customization built-in to provide the flexibility you need

  • Want to increase your ad budget on Search or Social Ads Express? You can do that now.
  • With Contact Center PRO, you can select the coverage that works best for your property: answer all calls, handle missed calls only, maintenance dispatch services, and even live chat.
  • Add in listing management, boosted post budget, or additional monthly social posts to Reputation PRO services? You bet. Pick and choose which components best match your needs and budget.

What hasn’t changed?

Are you a current RentPath customer? If you are already on a contract for products whose names have changed, nothing will change until you recontract. The new names will be reflected on your invoice when you recontract.

Want to learn more about our new line of highly-customizable solutions?

Contact your dedicated RentPath Sales Executive, or fill out the form below. Our friendly, helpful representatives will work to understand your challenges, and build custom plans tailor-made for your budget and needs.

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