Join RentPath at AIM and NAA in 2018

Featured RentPath speakers at NAA and AIM 2018

Several of RentPath’s leaders will be speaking at both the Apartment Internet Marketing (AIM) Conference, May 6-9, 2018, and Apartmentalize (Powered by NAA), June 13-16, 2018. Please join us for some lively and informative discussions about the future of marketing in multifamily.


Aligning Prospect and Resident Touch Points to Deliver a Superior Living Experience

Featuring Ryan Davis, Vice President of B2B

  • From prospect to move-out, the renter lifecycle is rampant with opportunities for better business practices. In this panel discussion, multifamily leaders will explore what drives acquisition and retention and discuss how you can create a better living experience for your residents. Learn how to capture excellent prospects, heighten your conversion rate, and drastically improve property performance using the critical touch points revealed in this session.

Hiring and Leading Excellent Marketing Teams

Featuring Jen Anderson, Director of B2B Marketing

  • With increasing complexity of channels and tools and more strategy options than ever, the skills and components of marketing teams need to evolve to meet industry trends. No longer are marketers called upon to create flyers for Taco Tuesdays. But today’s marketers need to be analytically minded data hounds with an artistic flair. Or design mavens who can manage projects and read numbers. Or analysts with great personalities and a hidden intuitive side. This session will focus on how executive leaders can acquire and manage the right talent to build the new world of multifamily marketing.


Marketing to Gen Z: Engaging a Hyper-Connected, Distracted Audience

Featuring John Thornton, Senior Director of Performance Marketing

  • Just when we’ve finally wrapped our heads around marketing to millennials, Generation Z comes along, taking digital and mobile to another level. Described as the most hyper-connected, distracted generation in recorded history, marketers are now challenged to find new ways to engage this unique audience. What are the channels and strategies needed to reach and engage a generation that consumes information at a rate never-before-seen in human history? We’ll explore these questions and many more in this industry-first session on marketing to Generation Z.

Improving Marketing Investment Through Attribution

Featuring Jen Anderson

  • Maximizing your organization’s marketing and leasing investment requires a lot more than producing creative-looking flyers and banners, or attaching balloons to your signage. Today’s renters are highly complex. Understanding the path they take to make a leasing decision is no longer a simple answer to the question, “Where did you hear about us?” Senior executives need to hire digitally-savvy and data-driven leaders that can implement best-in-class marketing, designing the right processes and implementing the right technology to truly uncover what drives revenue. This session will focus on how executive leaders can acquire and manage the right talent to build the new world of multifamily marketing; a world where marketers have the blended technical, analytical and operational skills needed to drive accelerated revenue, not just ROI.

The Challenge of Authentically Connecting in a Digitally-Driven World

Featuring Misty Skedgell, Director, Communications

  • Communication is arguably one of the most important pillars of success in all organizations. As companies evolve and grow, establishing an effective means to communicate with everyone from the CEO to the porter at each community becomes incredibly important to maintain your brand integrity, protect the renter experience and mitigate negative PR, offline and online. Some means of communication might be effective from the top down, but what about communication from the site level up to the corporate office? Organizations have tried a myriad of approaches and platforms, yet gaps remain as prevalent as ever. This session will cover communication best practices, discuss current obstacles and how to work around them.

The Lost Lead Epidemic: What is the Cause?

Featuring John Thornton

  • Nearly 40% of all calls that are placed to leasing offices go unanswered. Now consider that only 3% of those missed calls will leave a voicemail. Our teams are so busy handling resident requests and the millions of other things that pop up each day that lead management is forced by the wayside. As a result, millions of leads are lost every year in the apartment industry, and that is costing apartment operators not only in occupancy but also in revenue. This panel of industry experts will discuss how leads are lost, how to stop the leaks, what technologies are available to better manage and convert leads and what operators can do before they’re able to implement the software to improve lead management.
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