Making an Impact in Product Management [Video]

Written by Christine Nguyen, Candidate Engagement & Experience Coordinator, RentPath

Did you ever grow up thinking the work you do would barely make a difference? And you’d be at a company working in silos? That any initiative you hope to implement would barely see the light of day? It’s quite the opposite here at RentPath. It has been exciting to see new teams that have grown rapidly still continue to expand!

If you haven’t guessed it, the team I’m highlighting in this post is the Consumer Product Management team; and I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the many incredibly talented members from – William Keck, a Director of Product Management for our brand, Apartment Guide.

Every time I’ve spoken with William, I tend to be in awe of his eloquence and his ability to come up with such well thought out responses in a matter of seconds. He really knows his stuff.

Learn a bit more about RentPath and his perspective on what it’s like working on the team:


If you’re more of a reader, you’re in luck because not only do we have the transcript of the video below but you can also watch the video with subtitles.


Why did you choose RentPath?

RentPath is one of the larger companies in the internet listing site or the renter journey space, however, it’s still quite small so the team sizes are small – you have a lot of responsibility. When you come in the door, even as a junior product manager up to a senior product manager, you are in charge of a large part of a brand. You are not just in charge of changing a button text, or button colors here and there. You are going after big and exciting projects. You are going after something that has the potential not just to move our company, but really move the entire rental space.


What is unique about our Product? 

I would say that our product sits at the center of a 3-sided marketplace:

  1. We have our property owners that are trying to rent their properties and have people that live there for several years without spending a bunch of money to get it done.
  2. Then we have renters who are looking for something very specific that they’re going to love and not want to move out of.
  3. And then finally, we have a side of the marketplace where we’re a profitable company, and we want to generate revenue from this business without having a negative impact on the experience of the renters or our property managers.

We sit in the middle of all of that and we have to work diligently to make sure we don’t tip the balance too much on any side of the scale.


Final thoughts? 

At so many companies I’ve worked at, we have these inceptions or brainstorming sessions where we come up with some really unique and cool ideas that we can go to the marketplace and test. Then when we get back to work, we just do the same old same old, business as usual, and we never take on those projects. And since I’ve been here, we’ve been not only doing those brainstorming sessions, but we’ve already been taking on those big initiatives, those exciting projects, and to me it’s one of the most exciting places to work because of that. We’re having fun every day, our design sessions are just crazy fun, outside of the box thinking. And I highly recommend anybody that actually wants to do big things, come here and join our team and have fun with us.


Want more? We chatted quite a bit and I was interested to hear William’s take on How Empathy Plays into Successful Product Management along with what it takes to become a great product manager. Check it out!




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