Microunits: A Growing Trend in Multifamily Communities

What are microunits

The never-ending quest for affordable living at a great location has resulted in a new trend: the microunit. This style of dorm-sized studio apartment grants residents independence and more wiggle room in their finances. Though these efficiently designed apartments are small, they are not minuscule to the extreme, like China’s capsule living spaces. Instead, these units strike the perfect balance between the need for an affordable unit and the desire for a bit of space to stretch out after a long day.

The Characteristics of a Microunit

A microunit can be defined as a small studio apartment that has a floor plan laid out for optimal efficiency. It is usually made up of one open living area that contains a small kitchen and a living room-bedroom combo. A small bathroom is included, as well. Microunits vary in size—from the average 220 square foot unit in New York to the 500 square foot apartment in Dallas.

Microunit communities often share amenities, like communal kitchens, lounges, and workout areas, in order to give residents more variety in home life. Overall, these units were designed for the lifestyle of someone who mainly works and plays outside of the home and just needs an affordable place to sleep and relax.

Why Are Microunits Trending?

Microunits are becoming increasingly popular, especially in urban areas where there is plenty to do and the area is walkable. There are three main reasons why the demand for them is growing:

  • Affordability– First and foremost, residents love a great deal. The microunit’s affordability is a strong factor that wins residents over, especially because leases in urban areas are expensive.
  • Great Location– The microunit’s proximity to everything in a walkable urban landscape makes it an exciting and convenient place to live.
  • No Roommates– Microunits are so affordable that a single resident can handle the rent without the help of a roommate. For anyone who has recently dealt with the inconveniences of living with other people, the microunit can provide a nice break from having to compromise on quiet hours and clean-up duties.

Where Are They Popular?

According to Multifamily Executive, location is one of the microunit’s chief attractions. Therefore, microunits are predominantly popular in urban and suburban environments where they are conveniently located near shopping centers, jobs, public transit, and healthcare. Major metropolitan areas like New York and Washington D.C., which could be prohibitively expensive, are now becoming more accessible because of microunits.

Microunits Are on the Rise

Anyone looking for an exciting and affordable living arrangement will find much to enjoy about the microunit lifestyle. As long as the demand for affordable living spaces near the hottest locations is strong, you can be sure that the age of the microunit has only just begun.

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