Does your multifamily community need a call center?

Does your community need a call center?

In a typical day at a multifamily community, the phone is constantly ringing.

  • Prospects are looking for additional information on their next apartment home or want to book a tour.
  • Residents have urgent maintenance concerns or questions that need to be addressed.

How many times is a phone call missed because the staff is handling other tasks or the office has closed for the day?

In fact, studies show that 40% of calls to a property are missed – and that many of those missed calls won’t bother leaving a voicemail. When a caller does leave a message, staff may not have the time to listen to it and respond promptly. This can mean lost leads, lost revenue, and unhappy residents.

It may be time for your communities to take advantage of the services an outsourced call center (sometimes referred to as a virtual leasing center) can offer.

Capture missed calls

At the most basic level, a call center or answering service can ensure that most (if not all) incoming calls are answered by a human being rather than a machine. While this service may be most beneficial when a management office is closed for the evening, it also can be used to catch calls that come in during business hours that may have otherwise been missed by a busy team.

Track ROI

A prospect may not remember where they learned about your property or may not provide accurate information, making it difficult for you to determine the ROI of your various marketing channels. On the other hand, a call center can accurately track leads by assigning unique phone numbers to different sources. This can bring greater transparency to your lead generation process and give you insight into how to best allocate your marketing dollars.

Act as your trusted partner

Beyond answering the phone and setting appointments, a call center can provide you with a team of professionals who understand your communities and what makes them unique. Prospects should be able to ask questions about the property and receive answers as accurate as if they were speaking with a person on site. Above all, a call center should act as an extension of your community voice and brand as seamlessly as possible.

When you find the right partner, a quality call center can save lost leads, better track your marketing dollars, and boost resident satisfaction. Take the time to review your budget and see if the investment is worth the reward.

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