Promote Your Social Events in Style

Community events are a fantastic way to connect with residents and show off your property to prospects. But even the most delectable summer barbecues and joyful holiday celebrations can fall flat if they don’t draw a crowd. These tips can help you memorably get the word out.

A Little Hype Can Go a Long Way

When you’re in the thick of planning your event, make sure you also consider how you’ll promote it. Generally, the more exposure you give your event, the more likely you’ll attract attendees. But you’ll want to hit the sweet spot by making an impression without overkill. Here are some tactics to help you strategically get the attention of residents:

  • Communicate often. Sometimes a single communication — an email invitation, social media post or printed flyer — is enough to inspire an RSVP. More often, though, your residents will need multiple impressions of the event for the information to stick. Keep in mind the rule of seven, or the marketing principle that the average person needs to see a message seven times before they’ll take action.
  • Post at strategic times. Your community’s social media pages can be a powerful amplifier. These guidelines can help you determine the best times of day and days of the week to post about your event, depending on the different platforms you use.
  • Unleash the power of RSVPs. Even if your event is come-one-come-all, RSVPs can help you optimize the amount of food, drinks and other supplies you’ll need. RSVPs can also help convey a personal touch to your invitation, and encourage your residents to feel more invested in the event.

A Good Event Can Be a Great Marketing Opportunity

Your primary motivation for hosting an event may be to foster goodwill across your community, but your get-together can also be a valuable marketing opportunity that helps retain residents and gets your community on the radar of prospects and local businesses. These suggestions can help you transform a simple invitation into a multifaceted campaign:

  • Embrace visual content. You know the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” An eye-catching design might be the most crucial element of your event’s invitation, especially in an era of compressed attention spans. The more you’re able to convey about your event visually, the stickier the message just might be for your residents.
  • Use multiple channels. When you have important news to share with your community, you send an email or text, post flyers in high-traffic common areas, and maybe even leave a printed notice in each mailbox. Embrace the same mindset when promoting social events. Each of the communication channels you typically use offers its distinct touchpoint.
  • Incentivize participation. Don’t be shy about mentioning additional perks of attendance such as raffles, prizes or even the opportunity for members of your community to meet one another. Likewise, don’t shy away from approaching local businesses that would make a good fit for your event. Partnering with sponsors can be a valuable win-win — you may be able to offset the cost of refreshments and giveaways, while the sponsor receives free advertising within your community.
  • Open up the guest list. Current residents may be your primary focus, but their friends and family might be an important group to consider, too. Depending on the event, encourage residents to bring a plus-one (or more) and make sure you have information about your community on hand, such as business cards or brochures.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

A successful community get-together depends on both solid planning and effective promotion. But don’t let either element overshadow your main objective: having fun. Mix and match the tactics that work best for you and your residents, and you’ll be well on your way toward a well attended event.

By Caroline O’Reilly

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