Pursuing Design with Sears McAdam

I always knew that I was creative but I never associated creativity with a career. It was mostly an escape. I played music for years.

Sears McAdam, Sr. Design Lead at RentPath

I was attracted to design by accident.

After business school I had enrolled into an advertising school thinking I would learn how to make commercials. But I learned how to design typography and branding systems. It was a subject matter that I could easily understand unlike so many of my finance classes.

The books on my desk are mostly involving typography and design case studies. It’s nice to occasionally pick something up and physically thumb through the pages. The case studies inspire problem solving.

Design is important for the customer experience because it sets the tone. It helps to establish a relationship that can influence an optimal solution for that customer.

I find design in general is so broad that you could be designing a print advertising campaign in a train station or creating an app for people to order greasy food on the weekend. You can find so many different opportunities to learn new things that its hard to get bored.

I was interested in UX/UI design because the way we interact with technology is going to often shift quickly and abruptly. That’s exciting. There is always an opportunity to learn new things.

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