Reflections: Summer Internship 2018

RentPath had its first official internship program this Summer which concluded this past week. The interns contributed their efforts to their respective teams inclusive of Consumer Marketing, B2B Marketing, Engineering, Product Management, Corporate Development & Strategy, Business Analytics, Information Technology, and Data & Analytics. Here is a fresh perspective from the interns on what it’s like to work here:

How would you describe the culture here at RentPath?

The culture here at RentPath is focused more on your success within the company as opposed to how formal your shirt is. Feeling like you’re a part of a team and working together to achieve awesomeness come naturally here. When you need help, everyone is willing to lend a hand, and this creates an environment conducive to personal growth and achievement. – David

Rentpath’s culture is one where collaboration is the center piece for all the work done. Different departments work with each other efficiently to solve problems that are encountered. There’s also no sense of hierarchy, and the fast paced atmosphere definitely provides people the opportunity to learn and deliver value very quickly. – Jeffrey

The best way for me to describe the culture at RentPath would be to say that it is one of trust. This manifests itself in many ways, from interactions between coworkers and supervisors and planning across departments, to the hours worked by employees and the dress code. There are not many explicit rules on how to present yourself or how to get work done, but employees have the self-drive and confidence enough to complete their tasks in a professional manner. RentPath is able to achieve this goal through attention to detail during the hiring process, finding those individuals that are not just looking for a job that gives tasks, but those that want to take a discussion, turn it into tangible goals, and take steps to achieve those goals. – Wade

If I had to describe Rentpath in a couple of words, “innovative” and “collaborative” pop into mind.  While these are definitely not the only words to describe the company culture (“entrepreneurial” being another one), I feel they do play a big part. As a whole, Rentpath dreams big, and its employees are no different–passionate and creative on bringing big ideas to life.  The environment, promoting discussion and teamwork, only builds upon this, creating a welcoming community of ambitious and diverse individuals. – Maggie


Lunch and Learn with Steve Butler who heads up RentPath’s Data & Analytics team.


What advice would you give future interns and anyone looking for an internship?

As part of the consumer product team, I spent most of my time dealing with the design, engineering, and implementation of different products that RentPath releases. While this was a great experience, what made it invaluable was making a friend in a completely different department. Talking with him made me realize just what effect changes in product could have within various segments of the RentPath world. Therefore, I would suggest making an effort to reach out to coworkers in different departments as they can often help you think about problems from a different point of view and come up with solutions otherwise unavailable to you. With regards to looking for an internship, I would suggest searching for a field that interests you that you might not know much about. This will give you the chance to learn new skills, explore potential career paths, and take a risk with your career that won’t be nearly as safe in the years to come. – Wade

I think to be open with the internships you apply for. I am not a marketing major, but I thought it would be fun to spend a summer learning more about it. I think if you have any interest in other departments a internship is a great way to gain some experience in that particular field. I found at RentPath people are more than willing to answer any questions you have or just talk about what they spend their time doing. Feel free to reach out in some way to meet an individual on other teams. – Katie

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! But more importantly, don’t be afraid to surprise yourself when you put the work in and figure out the answer on your own! Never stop learning!

If you’re looking for an internship (or any job in general) don’t just drop that application in online and wait. Read about the company. Reach out to the people who recruit there via LinkedIn or email and introduce yourself. Whatever you can do to put a face to your resume and set yourself apart from the rest of the applicants in the stack, do it! – David


(L/R) Skye, Katie, Jeffrey, Maggie, Saul, Harry, Wade, David


What are your biggest takeaways from this experience?

Learning how to work within a team. Most projects within B2B marketing  involves input from almost every individual on the team. Each person has specific skills that they specialize in, but we are all working towards a common goal. Communication is key when working on a team. Also time management I think was a takeaway. Each day I would have multiple assignments to manage, and I needed to learn how to prioritize my tasks and decide which tasks needed to be accomplished first. Learning how to get everything done within a hard deadline. – Katie

The shear amount of knowledge I’ve gained pertaining to my field of work. Not only just in Web Development, but what it’s like to work with a large scale team of engineers in continuously delivering an enterprise application. – David

I learned the importance of communication as well as learned a new way to initiate and maintain effective communication. I interned for the consumer marketing team. Half of the members on the team have a business background and are proficient at business models and concepts, while others have a strong statistics and mathematical background. There are also data scientists who excel at solving problems related to data analysis. For me, I am more familiar with data analysis. However, our work requires us to use the knowledge from all aspects. Therefore, we have to work together and learn from each other. At first, I was not able to effectively communicate with others since I am still learning the terminology and I was also very nervous. Over time, I learned how to communicate and present ideas in a more effective way. In addition to this, as I learned more business concepts, I was able to better understand others as well.  Communication is necessary in our daily work and owning the skill of being a good communicator is really important. – Skye


Becoming acquainted with managers, mentors, and recruitment!


What did you enjoy most about working at RentPath?

I really enjoyed the atmosphere here!  (It’s also great being able to work on projects that contribute and allow a perspective on work in industry, instead of just busywork and coffee-delivering).  All jokes aside, there really wasn’t one thing that enjoyed the most because quite frankly, I really did enjoy all aspects. Everyone was super open and there is that definitely that sense of community; it wasn’t just a group of people who sat in the same building or floor, it was a team who worked together and supported each other. I also had the pleasure of working on new, leading tools and software that allowed me experience how the industry is.  This is definitely not an experience I’ll forget! – Maggie

The people, hands down. Whether it’s how quickly “RentPath Gives Back” charity events fill up, or how willing people here are to lend a hand if you need help, the people here rock. – David

The thing I enjoyed most about working at RentPath was the way the company embraces change. As someone who loves the thrill of competition, there is nothing more de-motivating than feeling like new ideas are frowned upon simply due to inertia. RentPath both provided me both a pipeline to actualize my new ideas and an organizational energy that got me and my co-workers excited about making big leaps and refusing to be complacent. I don’t know of any other organization that provides a similar platform and trust to their interns on this scale. – Saul


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