Renter Targeting Series Part Three: Which channels will best help me reach my target?

Which channels will help me reach my target renters?

Now that you’ve identified your renter personas and established your marketing and messaging strategy, you need to figure out the best way to reach your target. In today’s digital age, renters usually start with a location-based search to assess their options. They typically will first land on an ILS, create a shortlist and then move to community websites and online review sites.

Online ratings and reviews

This multi-channel search process means you need to invest your marketing dollars in not only listing sites but also paid search and organic search techniques. Additionally, it’s critical that you keep on top of your online reputation. According to Chatmeter, 88% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Encourage residents to review your communities on a variety of sites and you should quickly respond to any negative reviews or comments that may arise.

Social media

Social media has moved to the forefront as a source for information, and it has changed the way consumers communicate with retailers, businesses and even apartment communities. Your social media pages and feeds, from Facebook to Snapchat, can give prospects a taste of what life is like at your community. Additionally, some platforms give you the opportunity to make targeted posts that reach specific user segments. Bear in mind that different social media sites tend to cater to different demographics, so try to focus on the sites that will reach your target market best within the campaign.

Mobile strategy

Finally, if you haven’t adopted mobile marketing as part of your strategy, you’re missing out on a huge resident pool. Adoption of smartphones, tablets and other devices has dramatically affected how all renter personas gather information. In fact, a recent study shows that 84 percent of prospects use their mobile phones during their apartment search. Make sure both your own community websites and the listing sites with which you advertise are mobile-optimized, and look to your marketing partners for other mobile opportunities.

In addition, be sure that all of your listing photos are updated in high definition to showcase your communities’ amenities in the best light. Many prospects now prioritize images over text and prefer a visual search experience. Take this opportunity to focus on the updates and upgrades that have the greatest appeal to your chosen target market.

A general marketing approach has its place, but a targeted strategy offers an array of benefits. Identify the renter personas who are most likely to be interested in your community and focus your efforts on reaching them. By applying this approach, you are likely to fill your pipeline with higher quality leads and convert more of those leads to leases.

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