Renter Targeting Series Part Two: What do your target renters want and need?

What do your target renters want and need?

A targeted marketing strategy can help you bring in new leads that are more likely to convert to signed leases. You can develop your new marketing campaigns by asking these questions:

Once you’ve identified the renter personas who are most likely to find your community attractive, it’s time to look more closely at these segments. What do these renters care about — and what do they need? Your answers will help you develop a marketing campaign that will reach your target audience, get them excited about your community and encourage them to submit a lead.

It’s all in how you present your message

Above all, understanding the needs of your target renters will influence not only what you say but how you say it. For example, if you are targeting millennial segments, you may employ more energetic and playful messaging. On the other hand, a marketing campaign targeting busy professionals may require a more sophisticated tone.

Because other communities in the area are likely competing for the attention of the same prospective renters, your messaging also has to stand out from the crowd. For example, look to highlight what makes your communities unique in a way that will have targeted appeal. You may want to consider running multiple campaigns at the same time that all focus on one idea or amenity but that are each customized to speak to a different renter persona.

One amenity, multiple angles

Imagine that your community has a saltwater pool that you want to use in your marketing campaign. Start by taking high-definition, flattering photos of your pool at its best. Then, change your marketing angle depending on the segment you’d like to reach. For instance:

  • Empty nesters may be interested in the pool because it has a spa-like environment and your community hosts a monthly exercise class.
  • Millennials may want to hear about how you have established a work/play environment in your community by offering free WiFi in the pool area.
  • Environmentally conscious renters may want to hear about how you chose to install a saltwater pool because it does not require the purchase of chlorine and how you are reducing your energy use with LED lighting in the pool area.

As long as you speak directly and authentically to your target renters, they will respond positively — and your lead conversion ratios are likely to climb.

Next steps

Once you’ve identified your target market for a particular campaign as well as the wants and needs of that set of personas, you can begin building out your strategy. Look to take advantage of all appropriate channels that are available to you. Then, you can align the wants and needs of your target renters to your messaging. By narrowing the focus of your marketing campaigns, you can grow your lead pipeline and, over time, increase revenue for your community.

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