RentPath CEO Marc Lefar shared the following comments with employees in a companywide town hall on Tuesday June 2, 2020:

Last week we were all stunned to see another in a long line of excess force incidents by law enforcement.  My heart breaks for George Floyd’s family and other victims.  The outrage felt by individuals and all of us as a country is justified. 

One benefit of the widespread use of mobile phones with cameras is that what was once hidden from sight can now be on full display; I can only hope that transparency will drive changes in police tactics and reform our law enforcement procedures, especially as they differentially affect minority and poor communities. We have all seen evidence of the ongoing problem of unequal justice.  As a country, we need to commit to finding a better way.

To those who feel less aware of the seriousness and history of these issues, I encourage you to learn more and try to understand where progress can be made and how you can help.

To paraphrase a sentiment Tim Cook expressed recently in a letter to Apple employees, “while we all long to return to normal, the reality is that we need to aim much higher than that.” I couldn’t say it any better.

It is also important to separate those who inspire change from those exploiting this moment. There is a long tradition in the civil rights movement of peaceful demonstration to drive broad awareness and build consensus towards how to build a better future together. The violence and destruction we have seen in our neighborhoods and in the media is not the way to drive meaningful and necessary change.

I look forward to beginning to rebuild our communities and to aiming for a much better new normal.

These comments have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

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