Company-Wide Hackathon to Lead RentPath Into 2017

In his recent quarterly town hall meeting, RentPath President and CEO Marc Lefar highlighted progress against key strategic imperatives and shared the success story of the first company-wide hackathon.

“We should feel good about our accomplishments this year,” Lefar said from the stage of the Atlanta J.W. Marriott conference room. “We’ve executed well and are well prepared heading into 2017. We’re setting stretching but achievable targets for next year and I’m hoping that you’ll join me in taking on the challenge of extending our number one position.”

Lefar walked more than 750 employees – joining online and in person – through recent success in generating a plan to win more business from large property managers, piloting the new billing system, and developing a new, visually driven approach to apartment searching.

The client expansion plan is designed to help hit the strategic imperative of driving revenue growth through improved sales tools and execution. The new billing system implementation will help better serve customers and improve productivity, another imperative. The visual search demonstration, which produced audible gasps of excitement from the crowd, takes aim at the imperative to delight prospective renters by dramatically improving the consumer experience.

Live on stage, Lefar showcased the new search functionality. He browsed apartments using a newly redesigned photo driven interface; comparing high definition photos of the best kitchens and pools. He easily tagged favorites and shared his selections via Facebook and text message.

“You can see how much easier this is, than going through list after list,” added Lefar during the live demonstration. “There’s definitely something big here.”

The concepts he demonstrated were developed during RentPath’s weeklong hackathon held in August.

“Sixty employees across the company focused just on problem solving,” said Lefar in describing the event. “We gave them some of the persona research about the different customer segments that we have identified and said, ‘What would a product look like if we were really delighting this type of consumer?’”


Also during the two-hour Town Hall, Lefar’s third since joining the company in April, the CEO encouraged the RentPath team to get involved in fighting homelessness. He thanked the more than 100 employees who have already actively engaged in events using their “minds and muscles” in the fight to end homelessness. He also encouraged all employees to step up with a financial contribution of any size, which the company will match.

“If you haven’t had a chance to get involved,” he told the company, “I strongly encourage you to find some way… any way to participate..”

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