Save Time and Increase Leases with New Facebook Business Page Enhancements

Updates to Facebook Business Tools

Facebook has recently made some changes to their Facebook Business Pages that can help to increase page engagements—and perhaps deliver an SEO boost. Here’s what you need to know about implementing these updates to see the best results.

From Reviews to Recommendations

First, Facebook is shifting from a “Business Review” model to a “Recommendation” model. Recommendations closely mirror the ratings format on Google My Business listings, where a user is asked if they would recommend a business and then asked if they want to write a review, share photos, or specify which services they recommend. While Facebook does provide an option to turn this feature off, that is not recommended.

The same online reputation rules apply when it comes to recommendations: always strive for a five-star rating and respond to all recommendations. Inviting your prospects and residents to recommend your community increases transparency and can boost the SEO value of your community name. Together, these benefits can support your overall leasing goals.


The second big release to Facebook Business listings is a new feature called “Actions.” With Facebook Actions, your community will be more accessible than ever to residents and prospects because your property’s page will feature call-to-action buttons that can help improve lead generation as well as your local SEO. These CTAs can be things like displaying the property’s contact information as well as direct messaging through Facebook Messenger. Remember that with more ways to contact your community, response time becomes increasingly important. When prospects are sending you messages via a chat function, they expect responses immediately.

Customized business information

Finally, Facebook has given business page owners the ability to add customized business information to their pages, such as hours, events, and job postings. Adding this information can increase the likelihood that qualified prospects will call your community, and potentially deter unqualified prospects from contacting you if they are able to find answers to common questions directly on your Facebook page. This update can save your leasing staff time on the phone answering questions while empowering them to work the qualified leads in your system.

Strong Execution Will Bring Success

Proper management of these new features is crucial to the success of these platforms as marketing sources, and urgency is key. Because these changes are fairly recent, taking advantage of these new features quickly could give you a competitive advantage. If you are working with a third-party vendor to manage your social media, make sure they are aware of and able to handle these new features to give your community the greatest advantage.

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