Six Simple Rules for Creating Amazing Takeaways

Create killer print marketing takeaways

With the increased shift to digital in multifamily marketing, it’s easy to overlook the power of hard-copy takeaways for both your renters and your current residents. While digital messaging can produce immediate results, there are situations where an in-hand printed flyer can have a strong impact, particularly if it follows these six simple rules.

  1. Offer takeaways with focus. Though it might be tempting to cut costs by having a takeaway focus on multiple elements of your apartment community, this strategy may result in a flyer that is confusing to residents and prospects. Instead, focus on one or two topics and create a custom takeaway that truly appeals to your renters and speaks directly to their interests.
  2. Don’t skimp on design. You may have great amenities and strong sales copy, but if you produce a takeaway that looks cheap, it could turn renters off. Prospective renters want to feel that they’re moving into an environment that offers them the very best, and black and white photocopied sheets probably won’t fit the bill. Engage your design team, if you have one, or take advantage of communication software with a library of high-quality templates that allow you to produce colorful and professional takeaways.
  3. Answer questions. When it comes to takeaways, it’s easy to fall into the typical sales pitch. Take a step back and try to think about the questions a renter may have, then answer those questions simply and succinctly. For example, if you’re creating a takeaway that covers your pet-friendly amenities, include information on local vets or highlight your proximity to great walking locations or bark parks and include maps.
  4. Think outside the box. Takeaways tend to focus on residents and prospects, but you may want to connect with other audiences as well. For example, if you have a beautifully appointed clubhouse with a kitchen and other amenities, you may want to highlight its use as a wedding or party rental facility for those in the local community. This strategy can help you monetize your amenities and promote your community at the same time.
  5. Include the basics. While you’re creating your great new takeaways, it’s easy to forget the basics. Make sure you include important information like contact details, opening hours, and price or discount details, when appropriate.
  6. Share share share. Finally, be sure to share your takeaways in both expected and unexpected places. Have them on hand during tours, but also place them around your community for both residents and visitors to see. A visitor who isn’t currently looking for a new home may pick up your flyer to share with a friend or family member who is.

Remember – word of mouth is often the best advertising, so use it to your advantage. With just a little work, you can create attractive takeaways that are sure to engage and attract renters to your communities.

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