Update your listings with fresh photos of fall finery

Use the season change to update your photos

More and more, renters are focused on visuals when it comes to their apartment search. They prefer to be able to sort photos that will give them insight into the look and feel of their potential new home.

Additionally, the renter journey has become complex, and some renters take as long as six months—or more—to finalize their decision. Because the same prospect may look at your listing multiple times, make sure that your information and photos are always up to date. When you provide fresh content on a consistent basis, your community will stand out from the competition.

The seasonal change provides the perfect time to evaluate your online listings and website and make updates to your photos and content.

Let nature be your backdrop

Autumn months provide an excellent opportunity to take engaging photos of the exterior of your communities. Many locations will be surrounded by colorful leaves, though even communities that aren’t in peak foliage zones can refresh their photo portfolio by taking advantage of the changes in sunlight and shadows that happen during the season.

As you work through your list of regular fall maintenance projects around the property, grab pictures of any enhancements you’ve made to your communities. And if you’ve recently renovated property amenities such as your pool or clubhouse, capture those as well—residents may be aware of your updates, but prospects won’t know about your hard work unless you show them. Be sure that you’re taking high definition photos (or work with your listing service to see if they can assist you) so that your images look their best to renters searching online.

Look inward

While you’re updating your images from the outside, take the opportunity to update them from the inside as well. Renters have demonstrated that they want to be able to search amenities to narrow down their apartment hunt, so make those a highlight of your photos. Be sure to focus on any upgrades you’ve performed in your units to catch the eye of prospects who are searching by room.

Expand the use of your photos

Alongside images of the buildings themselves, take some additional time to gather photos of any fall events that may be scheduled on site. (Be sure that you’ve collected the proper photo releases before putting up any images of residents.) Use these images as part of your social media strategy to catch the attention of prospects by showing off your beautiful grounds, your enhanced amenities, and your engaged renter community to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram audiences.

Use the seasonal change as a reminder

Remember—any change in seasons can be used as a reminder to step back and review both your online listings and your social media strategy. Fresh content, including updated photos, can give prospects an inside view of your community, which may be the final encouragement they need to submit a lead or stop by for a tour.

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