Volunteer Spotlight: Kara Rafferty

Congratulations to Kara for winning President’s Club for the 3rd time this past year and earning the 2019 Highest Social Ads Express Revenue award!

Why did you choose to become a RentPath Gives Back ambassador?

“Giving back to the community has always been important to me. Each position I have held in my career has provided an opportunity to feel connected more than just on a transactional level. It is amazing to see my clients come together to help me and our area under a common cause.”

What exciting giving back initiatives do you have in the works for this year?

“I’m kicking off a campaign this year to focus around year round participation. I’m collecting canned goods or other donations at the 8-10 client events I host year round. I anticipate this effort to quadruple our impact compared to past years. In addition I will be assisting my association roll out its first annual community service event!”

Kara hosted a successful coat drive for 2019 Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week.

What is a fun fact others may not know about you?

“I love music. It was what I studied in college. So when my husband and I found out Frankie Ballard, a country star, was coming to a local venue just days after our wedding we had to go. He is the artist for our wedding song. Not only did we get to dance on stage to this song and meet Frankie. His parents share our anniversary date and the song was written for them. Epic memory!”

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