What it Takes to Succeed in Sales with Alex Coleman

President Club Award Member, Alex Coleman, previously worked in the single family industry in account management before shifting over to multifamily. He currently works with the Inside Sales team as a Digital Sales Executive, and in under 2 years of his start date at RentPath, he hit an incredible 15 month streak in crushing his GNC (gross new client) goal with January being his highest month at 15 GNCs.

“I always set up monthly and weekly goals, and I aim higher so that I know I’ll continue to at least hit the base goal.” Alex shared. 

Competitive in nature, Alex has always had a love for sports. He played basketball in highschool, college, and while he was overseas in Turkey.

Is your role particularly collaborative and how often are you connecting with your peers?

“We have team meetings everyday through video calls about two to three times a day. As far as collaboration goes, I interact with everyone, from Customer Success, to Billing, to IT, and everyone on the Sales floor.”

Alex also shared that from time to time he connects with outside reps from around the nation as well since “at the end of the day, we are all on the same team and we both have the same goal.” 

He believes that “it’s important to be able to rely on and lean on each other”.

What has learning and training looked like for you in helping you succeed?

“When I first joined, I really looked up to some peers who were performing at a high level and were tenured”, said Alex. He attributes much of his success to the ongoing support, feedback, and training he receives from his manager, Rodler, and Rob, VP of Inside Sales.  

“Every morning Rob has an updated sales module for us to look at, he listens to our calls and the objections that are brought up. We are training everyday and learning everyday.”

Alex finds hands-on training modules such as the Challenger Sales Model to be really helpful. “It’s helping you level up in your overall sales background, so even if you move on to a different company in the future, it’s a great learning opportunity.”

He also shared that his delivery and how he communicates with potential clients significantly improved from when he first started. 

Do you have any secrets or tips that help set you up for success?

The reality is that “you might go through 20 no’s before you get your first yes, so you have to stay positive”. He added that, “it’s really about building trust and putting the client and their needs first.”

He also noted that in order to do well in this role, being persistent with following up, taking a lot of initiative and being a go-getter goes a long way. 

What is your favorite part of your role and working with RentPath?

“The process of closing a deal is a good feeling, I really enjoy the process.” He also believes that the earning potential is great and he enjoys the relationships he has built within such a supportive environment.

What is something others may not know about you?

Alex runs his own fitness company as a personal trainer. He successfully transitioned his services to online, and had been planning to even before COVID-19 hit. 

“I really enjoy helping people, it’s a good feeling to help others convert into a healthier lifestyle.”

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