Marketing to Xennials: They’re Real, and They’re Spending

Marketing to Xennials

You’ve heard about Generation X and millennials, but it turns out there’s another micro-generation at work: The Xennials. This lost group was born between 1977 and 1983, and its members exhibit behaviors of both the generations they fall between. More importantly, Xennials are renting – and with some slight adjustments to your marketing mix, you can capture their attention.

Xennials: The Facts

They’re not digital natives

While millennials are considered “digital natives” (i.e., they’ve grown up with tech), Xennials haven’t been involved in tech for their entire lives. Their unique experience mirrors more of Generation X, as they grew up without social media posts, websites or mobile phones. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t love their technology. According to Dan Woodman, associate professor of sociology at the University of Melbourne, “Xennials had to make an adjustment to embrace [technology].” A strong and renter-friendly website for rent check submittals and maintenance requests can be a big plus for this generation.

They’re grounded

It’s easy to make generalizations about other demographic groups. However, according to Woodman, the “flannel-wearing generalization of Gen X and the tech-obsessed labels thrown at millennials” don’t apply to this particular micro-generation. Xennials often are career-minded and have families, and they seek apartments with great commute options and family-friendly amenities. Make a point to note these details when giving tours, or even create downloads or takeaways featuring this information that Xennials can view later.

They rent. A lot.

Like their Gen X counterparts, Xennials didn’t get in on the housing boom. They can oftentimes become long-term renters at the right property. Again, amenities play a huge part in their decision making, as does proximity to good schools and activities. Ensure that you highlight these during your apartment tours as this can make a huge difference in attracting these renters.

Reaching the Xennial renting generation

If you’re already marketing to both millennials and Gen Xers, you’re likely already reaching out to Xennials as well. This generation is extremely fluid, and what appeals to them tends to flow between the marketing tactics used for the bookending demographics. That fluidity makes having a varied marketing mix even more important than ever before.

To attract Xennials, be sure you have:

  • An up-to-date website
  • Current photos and information on internet listing sites
  • A tech-savvy internet marketing strategy that includes email campaigns and social media interaction
  • Family-friendly information, such as school listings, playgrounds, pools

These 30-somethings aren’t rare. In fact, you probably already have some working for or living at your residences. Don’t be afraid to reach out and do your own “market research” with what you have available. The results may surprise you.

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