Want to Go Green with Apartment Commute Options? Here’s How

Green Commuting and Your Rental Community

Recently, RentPath released its latest findings on America’s top 10 green commuter cities. These are cities where most commutes are made by telecommuting, mass-transit, carpooling or human-powered commuting (think bikes or walking). With the recent gas shortage on the East Coast and the rising prices at the pumps, green commuting is becoming extremely attractive to potential residents. So how can you get your neighborhood on the top 10 list?

Provide Green Commuting Information

Enticing in new renters on both a takeaway pack and on your website can include a multitude of information. From local bars and restaurants to school information, giving your potential residents a view of why it’s great to live in your community makes for an easy move to signing the lease. But have you thought about also including local bus maps, train schedules and other ways they might get to work? Bike maps and walking directions can also be extremely helpful.

Show Your Renters How They Can Go Green

Many cities even provide online services so you can map your way to work in the greenest way possible. For example, The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) can help you navigate to just about anywhere in the city using only green transportation. Check with your local community and see what information you can provide to your tenants.

Set Up a Carpool Club

It’s surprising how many of your residents travel to the same areas for work — so why not set up a carpool club? Host a sign-up sheet either online or in your apartment community’s office to help potential carpoolers meet each other and arrange rides. Not only can this establish a sense of community amongst your renters, it can go a long way to helping people save a few bucks on their commute.

Offer a Van Service

This may seem like an expensive option, but could be an excellent selling point for your community. For example, if your renters knew that they could catch a ride to the local train or subway station on a daily basis, it could be a huge selling point for your apartments. This could even be an add-on feature you could charge on a monthly basis. Compare the costs and you might find it could be an exceptionally lucrative option.

Going green is the way of the future, and more commuters are looking for ways to not only save the environment, but save a buck. By offering multiple options, you can appeal to these residents and get a leg up on the competition.