What our Clients are Saying


We get great high-quality leads from RentPath. Sometimes it can be hard to track how many leases we actually get from an ILS, but RentPath’s reporting is excellent. I can see exactly how many leads we’re getting and whether they’re calling or emailing... We get a lot of qualified traffic from RentPath and it’s really nice to be able to see the detailed reporting on how great our ads are performing.

Beth Tuttle-  National Vice President of Marketing,
Lennar Multifamily


RentPath is just really smart to be the first in their space in pursuing consumer trends. I think that’s really important. You can talk about having all these things but to actually do it and be a leader, that’s very unusual.

Virginia Love -   VP of Marketing,
Waterton Residential


I have had a great experience working with RentPath. The customer service is amazing and RentPath is one of the best leads sources for our company.

Heather Palmer -  Director of Leasing Strategies,
Continental Realty Corporation