Are your online listing photos showing your best side?

Are your listing photos showing your best side?

When a prospective renter is searching online for a new multifamily community to call home, your listing’s photos are typically their first—and only—impression of your property. You’ll miss a critical opportunity to attract renters if your photos are outdated, cluttered, or poor quality. If they don’t like what they see, renters will scroll by your listing to the next option without submitting a lead or requesting an in-person visit.

In fact, according to our study The Renter’s Rollercoaster Ride, 88 percent of respondents said that they needed to see the apartment before they commit. The study continues, “Renters will be upset if online photos don’t accurately depict the community they visit in person…This increases the need for communities and rental homes to accurately represent themselves online.”

It’s also important to note that attention spans are short, and more than half of visitors only spend 15 seconds on any site. You have a limited timeframe in which to catch someone’s eye; make sure your photos are representing the best your communities have to offer.

Take time to review and refresh your listing’s photos on a regular basis

Set aside some time to review photos on your online listings and see if any need a refresh. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • How long ago were your photos taken? Older photos may have been accurate at one point, but they likely no longer accurately represent your community. Depending on what upgrades have taken place at your communities between the time they were taken and today, your photos may even look dated to a prospect.
  • Are your photos in season? If your previous exterior photos were taken in winter, when the light is darker and the snow has fallen, they may not highlight your community at its best. If you have the opportunity to retake them in the spring, do so, as they will provide a more attractive face for your listing.
  • Do your photos highlight the amenities renters want? Many of today’s renters are prioritizing the amenities inside an apartment during their search and may even be focusing on a room type (kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.) as a way to make a final decision. This means that, for example, new countertops in the kitchen, new fixtures in the bathroom or an updated in-unit laundry station should be prominently featured in your photos.
  • Are your photos HD? If they were taken more than a few years ago, they may not be, which could cause them to look grainy and out of focus on today’s monitors and smartphones.

Having high-quality photos is not something you should leave to chance. Your own team may be able to take acceptable photos, but they won’t live up to the expectations of today’s renters. Your best bet is to make use of your listing service’s professional photography package, who has both the ideal equipment and an eye for staging to show off your community’s best side in the best light.

With up-to-date photos of your community that showcase all you have to offer in a visually appealing way, you’ll be on the road to converting more renters into quality leads.

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