Executing as a Sales Rep – Steps Towards Success

Written by Taylor Berrett

At RentPath, we pride ourselves on consistently building the best, most powerful tools to help management companies succeed in a constantly changing landscape. The multifamily housing industry is evolving every day. Forward-thinking sales partners are absolutely essential to present RentPath as the critical tool that it is for property management companies.

With that in mind, we’ve spoken with some of the most creative minds at RentPath to provide a short list of tips needed to execute effectively as a sales executive. While this is by no means a comprehensive guide, we hope it will provide a strong list of traits and mindsets to help you become the best sales executive possible—and get results.


Live on the Cutting Edge

An effective sales rep communicates a defined vision. Marketing leaders are constantly on the lookout for new ways to stand out, attract more attention and ensure greater success. They want to know that when a new marketing tool appears on the scene, they’ll be the first to know about it.

That’s where you can be essential. If you are constantly tuned-in to current digital marketing trends and how RentPath is shaping these trends, you can communicate the future to potential customers in a powerful way. Position yourself as a thought leader at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution within the management industry. Your perceived authority and your line of sight on the future will show potential buyers that you have what they need to be competitive and achieve results.


Embrace Flexibility

If you prefer to work in a predictable, straightforward business environment, this is not the line of work for you. Successful sales executives are not only comfortable with ever-changing conditions, they absolutely live for them. They thrive on the thrill of every day bringing a new challenge requiring creativity and adaptability to succeed.

Finding joy and excitement in new (and often unexpected) challenges is key to success. Become your own drill coach, always pushing yourself to take on bigger opportunities and rewarding yourself when successes arrive. Accept that not every day will be a blinding victory—but approach every day with the attitude that it could. That’s the key to sustained success and satisfaction.



Be a Challenger

Effective sales reps are willing to respectfully but confidently challenge their potential customers to change their perceptions. They’re willing to move past refusals and ask difficult questions that lead to tough conversations. Why? Because they know that on the other side of those conversations lies the truth of what’s holding up a deal. Once they’ve released these inhibitions from their customer’s mind, they’ve earned a clear path to success.

Become comfortable pushing past initial refusals or hesitations and you’ll supercharge your selling success.


Just Keep Swimming

Guess what? As a sales executive, you’re going to get rejected. A lot. It’s going to happen. End of story.

You need the self-discipline to be equally focused whether you’re in the midst of a winning streak or a rough patch– the consistency to keep dialing, keep emailing, and keep trying to connect day after day.

It’s been said that success is moving from failure to failure with no decrease in enthusiasm. If that describes you, then success will be on its way for you as a sales executive. You have to be able to take rejection on the chin and just keep moving forward. Use your failures as motivation for the next big opportunity. Grow from them. Learn from them. A loss is only a loss if you fail to learn from it. Become obsessed with learning and growing, and no effort will ever be wasted.



Become a Problem Solver

As a sales partner for RentPath, you won’t sell a product. You sell answers. Management companies are frustrated by their lack of marketing success. They may not understand current marketing trends or have time to get up to speed. You can become their guru.

But to do that, you’ll need to adopt a creative approach to each individual situation. No two management companies are the same, and their needs and pain points differ widely from case to case. You can’t just apply the same type of thinking to each potential customer. See each one as a puzzle, one that only you are equipped to solve.

Part of being a problem solver also means embracing an analyst’s mindset. Your potential buyers spend much of their time analyzing data to understand what it means for them. You need to do the same. Live in the world of measurable figures. Claims about the power of RentPath not backed by data are just that– claims. Learn to speak the language of data and you’ll tap into the mindset of every customer you contact.


Listen First

We’ve talked a lot about how to sell, but so far we’ve left out the very first (and most important) step: listening.

Many sales reps at other organizations believe that making a sale is all about being aggressive, pushing the features and solutions their product offers until the customer feels compelled to buy. But selling isn’t about convincing, it’s about listening. It’s about taking the time to truly understand your customer’s needs until you’re fully equipped to offer them a real, tailored solution.

Remember— the #1 way to engage with a customer is by asking them about themselves. Nothing else you can say or do will make them more interested in what you have to offer.



There are no hard and fast rules to sales success. That’s because every customer is different and every sales expert is, too. An approach that works for someone else may not work for your unique style.

That said, these tips will help you develop your own personal style and become an effective representative of the cutting-edge marketing services that RentPath has to offer. By beginning to implement them into your selling techniques, you’ll find greater success and greater enjoyment of your thrilling, constantly evolving career in sales.


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