Hosting Halloween in Your Apartment Community

Celebrating Halloween at Your Community

It’s time for the spookiest night of the year for all the boys and ghouls in your apartment community: Halloween. Having a plan prepared in advance to handle trick-or-treaters and other events can ensure that your community is ready for spooky fun.

Decide on a trick-or-treat date

While Halloween often falls on a weeknight, many parents would probably prefer to go trick-or-treating on a weekend so they can take their little ones around without having to race home from work. Consider creating a trick-or-treat date on the Saturday before or after the 31st, and use regular messaging to get as many residents participating in the fun as possible. In these communications, you can outline start and finish times, maximum age ranges and safety tips.

Create a sign for residents who do (or don’t) want to participate

While many people are excited to get into the scary spirit, some residents may not like being disturbed in the evening. Create a door sign that indicates whether or not the resident inside has treats for the little ghouls and goblins at their door. You can include the sign as a download in your communications and also offer printed copies at the office. You may want to encourage those who want to participate to leave their blinds up and outdoor lights on—or even get in the spirit with some decorations.

Ensure autumn cleanup is done

Halloween means lots of people walking around in the dark. Though many participants will bring flashlights, it’s a good idea to be sure that your community’s autumn cleanup to-do list is underway. Take a walk around your community and make a note of any repairs that need to be taken care of before the big night, including likely paths that trick-or-treaters might walk down.

Host a Halloween-themed party in your clubhouse

It’s not just the kids that love a good Halloween party—adults love dressing up for the occasion too! Hosting a party for your community is a great way to show off your clubhouse, and this type of event can also lead to potential bookings for the upcoming holiday season. Leave take-home information on renting the clubhouse around to remind your residents of its availability. Host costume contests or offer prizes for the best-decorated doorway.

Promote your community’s spooky spirit

Halloween isn’t just a great time to engage your residents. It’s also a good time to show off your community’s spirit by posting to social media. Share photos of events or contest winners to help show off a highly desirable community that people will want to move to. You can also set up a community board in your rental office that shows off previous and upcoming events so prospects who are visiting can get a feel for where they could live.

By providing your residents with options for celebrating Halloween, you can help to establish a sense of community. This may, in turn, lead to more satisfied residents, which can boost your reputation and possibly even bring in more leads or referrals. Have fun!

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