Hosting Halloween in Your Apartment Community

Tips for hosting Halloween in your community.

In many parts of the country, when the leaves begin to change color and the weather starts to cool, Halloween isn’t far away. But don’t let the big night creep up on your community. A little planning can go a long way to ensure that everyone has a spook-tacular time.

Decide on a Trick-or-Treating Date

If Halloween falls on a weeknight, trick-or-treating on the preceding weekend might be the most family-friendly option. You’d likely save parents having to race home from work in the early evening, and your community’s costumed kiddos could do their rounds at a less hectic pace. Keep your residents in the loop with regular messaging, and be sure to share in advance important information like start and finish times, maximum age ranges and safety tips.

Create a Sign for Residents Who Do (or Don’t) Want to Participate

Many people can’t wait to get into the scary spirit, but some residents might not want to be part of trick-or-treating. A door sign is a friendly way to let little ones (and their families) know whether or not there are treats on offer behind a particular door. You can include the sign as a download in your resident communications and also offer printed copies at the leasing office.

Make Autumn Cleanup a Priority

For some parts of the country, an early-evening trick-or-treating outing may still mean walking around in the dark. It’s a good idea, then, to be sure that autumn cleanup is underway. Take a walk around your community and make a note of any repairs that need to be taken care of before the big night, especially along paths that trick-or-treaters might traverse.

Host a Halloween-Themed Party in Your Clubhouse

It’s not just the kids who love a good Halloween party—adults love dressing up for the occasion, too! Hosting a party for your community is a great way to show off your clubhouse, which could also lead to potential bookings for the upcoming holiday party season. Consider leaving flyers or brochures about renting the clubhouse near refreshments, or on tables to remind your residents of its availability.

Promote Your Community’s Spooky Spirit

With all the costumes and decorations, Halloween is a frightfully social media-friendly holiday. Take advantage of the fun with your community’s social accounts. Share party photos, spotlight door decorations and costume contest winners, or simply show off your community at its fall finest. You just might catch the eye online of a prospect who takes part in next year’s festivities as a resident.

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