Making a Pleasant Moving Experience for Your Renters

Making a Pleasant Moving Experience for Your Renters

Staying in tune with renter preferences enables property managers to make positive impressions on their community residents. The more satisfied your residents are, the deeper you can nurture loyalty and reduce resident turnover.

Along with offering excellent amenities, responsive property management, and well-maintained units, you can delight your renters from the very beginning by helping make move-in day special. Giving residents an excellent first experience sets the tone for the rest of their lease, so making it a pleasant one is vital for establishing a good relationship.

How can you ensure that your residents will have an optimal moving day? Start by laying out clear expectations and offering handy tools and suggestions to make sure both your residents and others in your community have a positive experience.

Flexibility Maximizes Mobility

Moving is stressful. Not only does it induce feelings of urgency, it also can trigger anxiety because of the mounds of tasks to be completed. The renter is on the brink of the unknown, moving into a new community in addition to other possible changes like a new school or career. There is also a set window of time where a renter has to move out of their old place and into their new apartment. Not all jobs have traditional hours, making a standard Saturday morning move-in difficult to schedule.

Not surprisingly, in our study of the renter’s journey, 71% of our respondents said that they preferred flexible move-in dates. To make life easier for your residents, offer your renters a reasonable period of time (a short range of days, ideally) to move in that will help them manage this process easily.

Organization Creates Efficiency

Many renters live incredibly fast-paced lives in which there is a limited time to get everything done. Therefore, you want to make sure your residents use their move-in times efficiently. Provide them with as much information as possible in advance to minimize confusion.

  • Tell them where moving trucks can go. In order to keep the rest of your community running smoothly, you need to designate specific unloading areas for moving trucks. Nobody likes blocked parking spots, bus stops, or roads. Therefore, having convenient places to unload that don’t disturb the rest of your community is vital to respect the interests of all your residents.
  • Instruct specific move-in hours. Moving in is loud, so it needs to be allowed only within acceptable hours. No neighbor wants to be disturbed by the sound of banging footsteps and dragged furniture late at night or early in the morning. Instead, offer a flexible stretch of days where the resident can move their belongings during your approved move-in hours.
  • Offer handy tools. Let your renters know if elevators or dollies are available. Property managers can also help their renters by linking them to this toolkit that offers helpful advice for a hassle-free moving process.

Maximize Satisfaction from Day One
Make the move-in day as easy as it can be by streamlining the process. When emotions are high and time is strapped, people need flexibility to make the transition well. As a property manager, you can offer flexible move-in dates and other tools that will take some of the sting off this stressful season. Keep the comfort of other residents in mind by making regulations to respect quiet hours and traffic flow considerations.

Because renter search trends are continually leaning toward communities that offer convenience and a welcoming atmosphere, every impression residents get of you is important to your community’s reputation. Start everything on the right foot by making the move-in day easy.

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