Warm Up Your Community with Fun Fall Events

Fun Fall Events for Multifamily Communities

As summer comes to a close, you’re probably already thinking about all the things you need to do to prepare your community for the autumn weather. However, the fall is also a perfect time to help establish greater community engagement with fun events, parties and even contests. Building a sense of community and helping your residents get to know their neighbors can create connections that lead to renewals — and that’s never a bad thing. Additionally, events like these can be featured on your website and social media, showing future residents a great side of your community.

Apple cider social

Socials and community gatherings are a great way for your residents to get to know each other, and also get to know the property staff. Use your community clubhouse or even host an outdoor event if the weather is nice. Offer both cold and hot spiced apple cider, along with cider donuts and fresh apples for the kids.

Football party

If you’ve got a local team and a big screen TV, your residents would love a place to watch the big game somewhere other than the bar. Try hosting a party with plenty chips, dips and queso and ask that everyone brings a snack to share. Events like these can also help showcase your space as a perfect party rental for future bookings.

Halloween party and costume contest

Everybody loves Halloween, but it doesn’t just have to be for the kids. Throw a Halloween party for your residents complete with a costume contest. Set out bowls of candy and play some spooky music.

Trick-or-treating arrangements

Speaking of the kids, have you thought about ensuring your community kids know where to go for trick-or-treating? Offer a way for residents who’d like to participate to let the neighborhood kids know where to stop, like a pumpkin sign or a festive banner that can be hung in a doorway.

Thanksgiving food drive

During this time of year, many organizations are in need of non-perishable food to help feed the local community. Get your residents involved with a donation station in the main office, and be sure to include a list of the most needed items. You can also collect items for those impacted by weather events during the year — or even for your local homeless pets shelter.

Guest demonstrations and speakers

With the weather turning colder, residents will start looking for more indoor activities to keep them entertained. Reach out to your community to find guest speakers on interesting topics, such as local history. Craft and cooking demonstrations are also hugely popular with many people, particularly if they relate to the upcoming holidays. Offer the opportunity to your residents to host an evening to demonstrate their own talents, such as yoga or meditation.

Potluck supper

Few things bring people together more than food, and a potluck supper is a great time to get to know your neighbors’ backgrounds and cultures. Ask your residents to sign up and indicate what they plan to bring, and request that all ingredients are clearly labeled to ensure food allergy sufferers know what to avoid. You’ll be surprised at how many great cooks you have on your property!

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